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E B G M 『 Tombo / E B “G” M 』

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Mixcloud 【E B G M 】に新作ミックスをアップしました。今作は名誉スタッフTerry The Kidのご学友、DJは趣味で嗜んでおられるTombo氏のソウルフル・メロウなギャングスタ・ラップ・ミックス。解釈次第でバレアリック~ネオ・ソウルな趣も滲み出るG質感。どことなく懐かしくもありつつも新鮮に映える切り口の70分弱。テリー・ザ・キッドのキッチュなハードボイルド物語コメントと併せてゼヒ(マ)

「かつてのクラスメートで起業家兼G-FUNK愛好家/ネイティブチル男のTomboが膨大なG皿の中からタイムレスに煌めく上質ビートプログラミングの名曲を69分のバインダーに収めたmellow mix。
不快な暑苦しさの一切を排除した年中半袖環境のアンダーテーブルな車内からお届けされるFade In/Out方式のマイクリレー。
生真面目なギャングスタの最期はF-wordが抜けきったイビザバレアリック世界に転生したかのような4チャプター優良チルアウト撰。」(Terry The Kid)

My college classmate, an entrepreneur, a G-FUNK enthusiast and a native chillout DJ Tombo puts masterpieces of high-quality beat programming that glitter timelessly from his huge G plates collection into a 69-minute binder.
At midday downtown, lowriders are marching with a tune of suspicious synthesizers, discreet one-loop samples, and thick kicks.
A Fade-In/Out-method microphone relay delivered from an undertable car that politely eliminates unpleasant heat and humid making the internal environment comfortable for short sleeves all year round.
No sooner had he finished a classic type of Promotional Video shooting that MCs talk to the camera pointed at the car window and checked in at a hotel to chill out than a day nightmare of an assassin bullet from a man disguising as a room service hit him badly.
Looking up at the ceiling with a coma smile, he sees the gold propeller reflects his oversized flannel shirt at a constant rhythm.
At the end of a serious gangsta, it’s as if he’d reincarnated to the Ibiza Balearic world where F-word is totally missing. 4 chapters of excellent chill-out selection.


1.Ice Burg – Sticky Situation
2.C-Bo – Birds in the Kitchen
3.Big Bur-Na – Daze of Bur-Na
4.Mass187 – Gangsta Strut (Crazy C Radio Remix Instrumental)
5.Fo’ Clips Eclipse – Hold On
6.I.F.A. – Family Affair
7.Mr.Sandman – Everyday, All Day
8.Playya1000 – 1/2 Time Homiez
9.Vontel – Say Playa
10.Lil’ Gene – Funny How Time Flys
11.Khayree – It’s Raining Game
12.Watts Gangstas – Stuck in the Game
13.D-1 – Niggaro
14.Mo B. Dick – Picture U & Me
15.Sons of Funk – Don’t Wanna Let You Go
16.Immature – Please Don’t Go (Roger Remix Featuring Roger Troutman)
17.MFD – Do U All Over
18.Mack Bone – Dead Man’s Poem


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